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Cordero likes Brewers, doesn't like Rangers

Well, we know Coco was glad to have been traded...

"They did not think about what I did for so long," Cordero told The Associated Press on Friday. "In Texas, they made stupid changes that didn't make sense. Lee is a free agent and now he's leaving. That's why the manager [Buck Showalter] isn't there anymore."

Texas was lucky to have Akinori Otsuka around to fill in for Cordero after his dreadful April, but any smart team would've realized that they had one of the best closers in baseball.  Not only that, but Coco recovered quickly, so he was pitching like a top-tier guy.  

That isn't to say that Coco's actual comments make a lot of sense...Showalter is leaving because they aren't resigning Carlos Lee?  Uh, ok.  Showalter's leaving because he's been underwhelming as a manager, and they aren't resigning Lee because his contract will be an albatross by 2009, if not sooner.  And (darn it all) they have Nelson Cruz now.