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Adam McCalvy = Daron Sutton? and more...

Here's a gem from the most recent mailbag at the official Brewers site:

Sheets is going to be under the microscope next year, no doubt about it.

Come on boys, let's score some runs!

Seriously, though.  Nothing too exciting in the rest of the 'bag...Sheets needs to step up, payroll around $60m, no reason to go after a catcher, likely to add pitchers via trade or minor know the drill.

Speaking of Daron, he's still blogging at, but with a slightly different focus.  I'll probably have to delete him from my RSS subscriptions...after all, they weren't all that great when they were nominally about the Brewers.  Anyway, if you're mad that Daron left us, or you're thrilled that he's gone and you want to congratulate him on his new job, he has a new email address to go with the new digs.