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More Minor League Defense

As promised, here's my article at Baseball Analysts on The Worst Minor League Defenders.  Some Brewers-related "highlights:"

  • Ryan Braun: bad.  5th worst in the minors.  One consolation: he's not nearly as bad as Koby Clemens.  And Clemens hasn't hit yet, either!

  • Alcides Escobar (shortstop for Brevard County this year) was 6th worst.  Bad, but he is young.  Maybe he's raw, and is going to figure stuff out.  Either that, or he could move to center field and replace Charlie Fermaint, who didn't quite make it on the ten worst list, but was close.
Amazingly, that's it.  If you missed it yesterday, here's my article on the best minor league defenders, which included a couple of Brewers, as well.