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Non-tender deadline

Today's the deadline to offer arbitration to, uh, arbitration-eligible players. For us, that means Estrada, Mench, Capuano, Vargas, and Hall. Melvin has said everybody on that list is getting an offer, though Mench will still be shopped.

What's more interesting to me about the non-tender deadline is all of the players who will become free agents because their team didn't offer them arb. MLB Trade Rumors has a list of those players who are possibly going to be available. Many of them don't apply to us (we don't have room for any more position players, for one thing), but there are plenty of marginal pitchers who might be worth a shot:

I know we have eleventy billion outfielders, but Wilkerson would have to be tempting. High-OBP guy coming off of injury; then again, I kind of hope Texas offers him arb, because the teams who would consider Mench and Jenkins would probably look at him, too. Among those pitchers, I would most like to try to grab Piniero, and I think it's most likely we'll make a run at Lopez (he's a lefty reliever).