If you're serious about Suppan...

...why not take a run at Barry Zito?  I just don't understand it.  We should all be in agreement that signing Suppan is going to take a minimum five-year deal and a minimum $12 million per season.  We also all note that Suppan has never been an All-Star, that he's not the kind of guy who can singlehandedly alter a franchise's fortunes, and that if he isn't facing the Brewers anymore he's a sub-.500 pitcher.

With all this in mind, and considering that we apparently looked at Jason Schmidt, why can't we consider throwing huge money at Barry Zito?  For a team like the Brewers, he's the only player around that we should be willing to spend huge, long-term dollars on, because he is easily the most likely to be great.  Is the difference between, say, $72 million for six years, which it might take to get Suppan, and $100 million for six years, which it could take to get Zito (we'd probably have to overpay to get him to come to Milwaukee), really so drastic as to make one worth it but not the other?

Or is it just that we know there is no hope that Zito would ever consider coming to Milwaukee?

If you're going to throw around huge dollars that will make someone the highest paid player in team history, that player shouldn't be Jeff Suppan.