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Butch Wynegar got a job!

Here's the scoop:

Dave Miley will be the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees first manager and will be joined by Butch Wynegar (Hitting Coach), Dave Eiland (Pitching Coach) and Alvaro Espinoza (Infield Coach). The four have a combined 47 years of Major League coaching and playing experience. Darren London will serve as the club's Athletic Trainer.
So, not a big demotion for Butch. If you're a snarky Yankees fan, you might say that coaching in Triple-A for the Yankees is not a demotion at all. Not a big move for the Yankees either way, especially since they don't rely on their Triple-A roster much during the season. Whatever Butch does to guys like Kevin Reese and Shelley Duncan probably won't matter much.

Anyway, congrats to Butch--his next big move is to decide where to rent an apartment: Scranton, or Wilkes-Barre?