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Ryan Braun Profile

The guys at Project Prospect have published a profile of Ryan Braun.

On his defense:

He struggles, at times, with his footwork and doesn't have the softest of hands. But he has a cannon for an arm and great speed. Some believe Braun might be more suited for the outfield because of this and his troubles with footwork, but there's still a good chance that he'll stick at third base. In either case, he certainly has the potential to be an above-average defender.
Hmm. It certainly seems like they're glossing over some of the negativity surrounding Braun's defense.

On his offense:

Braun certainly has the capability to hit .300 at the big league level. He does not possess superb on-base skills but a combined .363 OBP this year isn't the end of the world. He's certainly capable of upping that number but if he's even able to maintain .360, he'll be a very good offensive third baseman. While Braun won't be able to replicate his .754 slugging against righties from the AFL when he gets to Milwaukee, he will be able to push .550 or higher. He can drive the ball to all parts of the field and holds a tremendous ability to pull the ball into the gap in left center field.


Not only does Braun have the tools and vital line to succeed at the major league level, he has the peripherals to indicate sustainable - if not improvable - numbers. Braun has drawn walks in just over 8.0% of his plate appearances over his professional career. This is a very good indicator that his average is sustainable.


Not only does his speed help him defensively but Braun is a stolen base threat. He recorded 26 stolen bases in 2006 against 4 times caught. An 87.0% success rate is highly encouraging and as Braun gets more comfortable with pitchers, he should be able to steal more bases.


He'll likely be looked at as a third hitter in the lineup with definite 30/30 potential. There is little doubt he'll be able to blast 30 home runs and he certainly has the speed. The biggest question will be whether or not he will be in a position to attempt 35 steals. He is definitely capable of a .320/.375/.550 line. Braun's unique blend of tools, talent, and potential make him one of the premier prospects in baseball and a fun player to watch.

Sounds tasty. I don't think Braun is going to hit .320, but otherwise the analysis seems pretty dead on. Braun sounds like David Wright with a little less patience, a little more speed and similar defensive woes.