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Brooks Kieschnick gets some love

A reader points out this year-end article:

Brett Favre is a throwback. David Eckstein is a throwback. Tim Duncan is sometimes a throwback. Alexander Ovechkin is quickly growing into a throwback. Derek Jeter is a throwback, minus the $20 million salary.

Wrong, wrong and wrong. The last real throwback retired in February. For two seasons with the Milwaukee Brewers, in 2003 and 2004, Brooks Kieschnick played both ways. He pitched and came off the bench as a hitter. Chuck Bednarik -- you've lost your title.

...He played in the minors in 2005 and then retired before spring training this year, to take a sales job and spend more time with his family. He didn't get filthy rich playing baseball (he topped out at $380,000 in 2004) ... which makes him a true throwback in more ways than one.

Great to see Brooks get some credit for his unique skills. If only he had stuck around a bit longer. I'm still not convinced we shouldn't have an honorary roster spot just for Kieschnick. Extra mop-up man, power off the bench...come back, Brooks!