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Red Sox After Turnbow

It's true.

One Milwaukee Brewers official said this afternoon the Red Sox have made an inquiry on embattled former closer Derrick Turnbow, who after making the National League All-Star team came unglued in July, when he was 1 for 5 in save chances and had a 21.32 ERA and lost his closer job.


Is he a guy that new Sox pitching coach John Farrell could turn around? Maybe. But the Red Sox wouldn't feel right giving Turnbow the ball as a closer. There's mixed reaction to Turnbow among the Sox brass. Is he a reliever that could enter the bullpen mix? Perhaps. It's an option the Sox will keep open.

Like everyone, I wish Doug had sold high on Turnbow, as it will be all but impossible to get anything interesting back for him at this point. However, he is making a fair amount of money, so maybe dumping him off for peanuts is worthwhile.

Then again, perhaps the Red Sox aren't even interested in his pitching and have taken his shaggy-dog appearance as evidence of a certain lifestyle: check out the filename on that link.