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Lieber Trade Falls Through

That's what it sounds like:

The speculated discussions with the Brewers and White Sox had been laid to rest by late Wednesday afternoon
I'm glad. I was coming around to Jeff's viewpoint that Lieber was a pretty good acquisition at $4M, even if Kevin Mench is being undervalued, but Mench+Turnbow for Lieber was too much.

In other Mench news:

The Brewers are believed to have a deal in place that would send outfielder Kevin Mench to Baltimore for right-hander Rodrigo Lopez in the event the Orioles fail to sign free agent outfielder Luis Gonzalez.
A better deal, I think. Lopez will cost scarely more than Mench and would shore up the back of the rotation nicely. He's worse than Lieber, but is also seven years younger.

From that last link, you'll also note that Tony Graffanino is probably going to accept the Brewers' arbitration offer. Doug Melvin has said there's room on the team for Graffanino, Counsell, and Cirillo, but that may be pre-trade posturing, so we'll see what happens.