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Since my role is to contradict Battlekow...

The Phillies just acquired Freddy Garcia. What's more, they kept Aaron Rowand--they got Garcia for a pair of young pitchers including Gio Gonzalez, who was part of the Jim Thome trade last year.

Now, we know the Phillies are interested in Mench (or Jenkins--really, the two are undifferentiable at this point) and Turnbow, and they've been rumored to be interested in Damian Miller as a part-time/backup catcher. We need a center fielder; they have an extra one. We want starting rotation depth; they have it.

Lieber + Rowand for Mench + Turnbow + Miller? We take on a few bucks, but everybody gets what they want. We even have room to include Steve Bray in the big-league bullpen if by some miracle nobody picks him in tomorrow's Rule 5 draft.