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The Newest Brewer

Brew Crew Ball, meet Michael Carlin (splits).

He was selected from the Pirates in the AAA part of the Rule 5 draft, meaning he'll have to stay on Nashville's roster next year or be sent back. He'll be 26 next year, so he's not much of a prospect (the Pirates were evidently being ridiculously cautious with him), but he has hit a little in the past. If everything breaks right, he could be our next Chris Barnwell!

Departing the organization was 27-year-old right-handed reliever Josh Alliston, drafted by the A's in the AAA phase. Not departing the organization, and triumphantly so, was Steve Bray.

The Brewers also drafted lefty reliever Edward Campusano from the Cubs in the Major League portion of the draft, but immediately traded him to the Tigers for "cash considerations" (that last word's a little redundant).

Update [2006-12-7 19:2:19 by Jeff]: Here's a set of ZiPS projections for all of the MLB Rule 5 draftees. Campusano may not have tremendous upside, but an ERA of 4.11? Maybe we should've kept him!