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At Home Plate: The Next Generation

As promised, Frank Bundy revised his pitching projections for the Brewers:

After completing the Cardinals article I got to work on re-doing my projections for the 2006 Brewers pitching staff. After figuring each of the pitchers career dERA along with their 2005 one, I toned down many of my projections because many of the Brewers pitchers have shown a tendency to "out pitch" their defense.

Overall, this led to a lot of better-projected ERA's. And, therefore led to a better 2006 W-L record for the Brewers. With that said, here is the revised copy of the article with the new projections included, and the new predicted W-L record.

He still has the Crew at 75-87, a six game decrease from the actual '06 record and an eight game crash from the pythagorean '06 record.  Obviously he's put some thought into this, but I'd put more stock in his version of the 2006 Brewers if the other, more established projection systems didn't disagree with him so consistently.