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It's STILL getting exciting?

Listen to many mainstream columnists, and if they give the Brewers credit for being a potential breakthrough team, it's because help has already arrived.  Hardy, Weeks, and Fielder are here, with Hart and Cruz on the cusp.  And, so they imply, that's all we're going to get for a while.

Well, John Sickels has news for y'all:

A very impressive farm system. Guys not in the top 20 include some legitimate prospects like Charlie Fermaint, Matt Gamel, Steve Hammond, Adam Heether, Dave Krynzel, Vinny Rottino, and Josh Wahpepah.

Corey Hart is one of my favorite Grade B guys. . .you don't see many 6-6, 200 pounds players who can swipe 30 bases a year. I also like Yovani Gallardo quite a bit. Mark Rogers has a very high ceiling but significant command problems that inhibit his grade. Watch out for Will Inman, a breakthrough pitching candidate.

Things should get exciting in Milwaukee soon.

Thank you, John.  Click the link to see John's top 20 prospects for the system.  He has Nelson Cruz a little lower than I'd guess most of us would (B-), but he also has Yovani Gallardo at #6, above Mark Rogers (#8), a ranking that I haven't seen any other prospect guys make.