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Diamond Dancers

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Maybe ticket deals don't do it for you...maybe you're not interested in a new right-field picnic area.  But what about the Miller Diamond Dancers?  Director Julia Carpenter says:

We got the opportunity to dance at the ballpark two summers ago as sort of a trial run and asked (the Brewers) to tell us if they liked what they saw. Obviously this is brand new to baseball. The Florida Marlins have a dance squad, and we knew this was a new concept and it would be tough to sell. The (National Basketball Association) and (National Football League) have dance squads, but baseball is a whole different ball game. I believe what we are doing will start a new trend throughout the United States.

As long as this is the only way the Brewers are planning to emulate the Marlins right now, it's okay by me.  Check 'em out--not a concealed midriff in the bunch.