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President's Day news

Not much going on, besides the usual first-day-of-Spring-Training stuff.  Which is good for me: I've got a nasty flu, so by the time I finish writing this, I'll be ready to go back to sleep.

There are a couple of nice articles at the Brewers' MLB site, including a suggestion that Bill Hall could be signed to a three-year extension.  It hadn't occurred to me until reading that, but Billy doesn't have a contract for this year, and talk of an extension may be what's holding up that process.  

The most entertaining thing on the MLB site right now is the Photo Gallery (there's no direct link).  Go the site linked above, and scroll down to the middle column, and check out pictures of the Brewers Instructional League cooking class.  Where else will you ever see pictures of Mark Rogers and Ryan Braun making quesadillas?

In non-baseball news, 47-year-old John McEnroe played doubles in an ATP event as part of an effort to bring some publicity to men's doubles.  Oh yeah...and he won.  Not a seniors event, either.  Maybe this summer at Wimbledon Johnny Mac and Martina Navratilova will enter mixed doubles together.