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The 2006 Brewers: The Sexson Effect

My last post about Moeller got me thinking about the long-term effects of Doug Melvin's deal sending Richie Sexson to Arizona.  We liked it then, we like it now.  The following players currently in the organization are directly or indirectly the result of that trade:

  • Chris Capuano
  • Dave Bush
  • Zach Jackson
  • Jorge de la Rosa
  • Tomo Ohka  
There are a couple of starting rotations in baseball that don't stack up favorably with that.  And, of course, we got the benefits of Lyle Overbay's 2004 and 2005 seasons.  Even if the D-Backs had gotten an MVP-type season out of Sexson instead of the 90 at-bats Richie gave them, I'd still be thrilled with the trickle-down effect of what we got.