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Putting things in perspective

Obviously, it's fantastic that most of the debates in Brewers Nation revolve around just how much the Crew will improve from their 81-win '05 season.  But there's still a lot of room for improvement, and sometimes it's painfully evident.  So, next time you're disappointed that Ned Yost orders a sacrifice bunt, or Corey Hart doesn't get enough playing time, or whatever your pet peeve is about the club, I've got a nice soothing solution for you.

Step 1
Take a deep breath.

Step 2
Think about the 2006 Brewers: a heart of the lineup with Weeks, Lee, Jenkins, Fielder; a solid front three in the rotation.

Step 3
Consider the Brewers 2004 home opener against the Astros, and their starting lineup that day:

  1. Scott Podsednik, CF
  2. Craig Counsell, SS
  3. Junior Spivey, 2B
  4. Geoff Jenkins, LF
  5. Lyle Overbay, 1B
  6. Wes Helms, 3B
  7. Ben Grieve, RF
  8. Gary Bennett, C
  9. Wes Obermueller, P

Step 4
If you're not excited about the 2006 Brewers by now, whack yourself on the head with a metal pan and start over.