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Televised Brewer Baseball! 3/12 Open Thread

As Jacob pointed out in yesterday's thread, we may have dodged a bullet with Ben Sheets: he may still be ready for Opening Day.  I haven't looked at the schedule, but it's possible that the Crew won't need five starters for a few weeks at the beginning of the season, which would give us a bit of wiggle room bringing Ben along.

In case there aren't enough reasons to like Doug Melvin and his approach to running a team, here's what he had to say after the Brewers took on Team Japan:

"I was proud of our young guys playing against them at the end," Melvin said. "I like the Japanese game. I'd like to learn some of their techniques and practice methods. I've never been to Japan, and I was talking to [farm director] Reid Nichols and saying we should probably go over there sometime. When you watch their workouts, they are very meticulous. I'd like to play them a lot more. I enjoy their style of play."

I'd enjoy their style of play a bit more if they could beat our AAA squad (kidding, kidding) but this seems like the sort of thing that many GMs wouldn't think about.  Even if Milwaukee will never be a big player in the international market, signing the likes of Hideki Matsui, it seems like different approaches to the game are worth learning from.

On to today's game: it looks like Capuano is starting, and because yesterday's rainout deprived the staff of nine innings, there might be an unusually large number of pitching changes for the Crew.  Turns out my lunch plans for today were later than I thought, so I'll probably miss the first hour or so of the game, but I'll join in later on.  Until amongst yourselves!