Final Roster

During the Brewers broadcast Sunday against the cubs Daron & Bill interviewed Ned Yost.

Yost basically said this, the roster is set, we are taking 12 pitchers, and it is just a matter of sorting out who are the 4 & 5 pitchers and who fills out the bullpen.

So given that tidbit, I'm guessing that Bush's performance yesterday definitely helps solidify his role as the #4 starter.

So, what do y'all think it'll look like. Here's my guess (yes, including the obvious):

C Miller
1B Fielder
2B Weeks
3B Koskie
SS Hardy
LF Lee
CF Clark
RF Jenkins

C Moeller
U Hall
U Hart
OF Gross
IF Cirillo

SP Sheets, Davis, Cappie, Bush, Ohka
P  Wise, Kolb, JDLR, Lehr, Capellan, Helling
CL Turnbow

If Sheets starts the season on the DL, I think they give Helling a spot in the rotation and take Jared Fernandez north.

Dana Eveland and Kane Davis are the odd men out in the bullpen I think.

I think Eveland is definitely headed for AAA to work on pitching as a starter for a full year. He definitely broken down at the end of last year and is overthrowing in spring training.

With Lehr pitching well in spring training I don't see where Kane Davis fits in for the Brewers, unless the crew gives up on JDLR, which I don't see Melvin doing... however, if Yost gets his way...

Yeah, so what do you think?

Does Gross get the spot as 25th man, does Bush surpass Ohka on the depth chart, and will Eveland make the major league club?