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Brewers lose...Brewers win?

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The Rockies beat the Brewers, 9 to 5 today.  (Hey, haven't we seen that score before?)  But, I have big news for everyone who didn't watch the game--and particularly for Ned Yost and his staff, in case they missed it:

Mike Rivera went 2 for 3 with a double and a home run.  He didn't rack up the stats on minor leaguers either--the dinger was off Jeff Francis, the fantastic pitcher who will be leading one of my fantasy teams to a championship, and Scott Dohmann, who will be in the Rockies' pen this year.  It looks like Moeller started but didn't have an at-bat--I didn't watch the game and can't tell why Chad was pulled so early.  Worked out well for Rivera, though, didn't it?

It wasn't such good news for some pitchers trying to make the team: Dana Eveland gave up four runs in three innings, which merely makes it all the more likely he's headed to Nashville.  Jason Kershner also gave up four runs--and he was pitching against some replacements.  He gave up a dinger to Ian Stewart, who is a very promising prospect, but a minor leaguer nonetheless.  While Jorge de la Rosa is still pitching for Mexico in the WBC (losing to Japan as I write this), Kershner isn't doing much to suggest that he deserves the LOOGY spot over JDLR, or that the Crew ought to carry two lefties in the pen.

Speaking of the WBC, in case you haven't noticed, I am LOVING it.  Every minute.  (I didn't watch Team Italy, which may have helped.)  I'm not even going ballistic over the inane color commentary.  Part of the beauty of it is summed by what Corey Koskie had to say:

"It was disappointing not to advance, but I really enjoyed being a part of it," Koskie said. "It was a lot more intense than I thought it would be. I just wish we could have advanced after that big win we had over the U.S. If we had played the United States again in the second round and beaten them again, I believe that would have been the biggest win in Canadian baseball history. That wouldn't have been a situation where we were sneaking up on them."

Even though Team USA has shown signs of playing Spring Training games in the WBC, they are absolutely alone.  Every other team is playing like their lives depend on it, and it makes for captivating baseball.  There are plenty of imperfections in the system, but we're halfway into the tournament and I think anyone paying much attention has realized this is a winner.  I'm not normally a Bud Selig cheerleader, but he deserves a pat on the back for this one.

Tomorrow's game: Doug Davis pitches for the Crew against the San Francisco Giants.  Maybe Doug will strike out Barry Bonds twice...or will he stay in long enough to strike him out three times?  Will Mike Rivera or Mark Johnson play Chad Moeller off the 25-man?  So much drama, so little time.

Update [2006-3-14 21:52:51 by Jeff]: Ned chimes in on Mike Rivera:

"Mike helped the Nashville team win its league last year," Brewers manager Ned Yost said. "He's solid behind the plate, receives the ball well, blocks the ball well and calls a good game."
We don't know how Yost really feels about Moeller's defense...but I get the impression that he wants solid defense out of his backup catcher, perhaps above all other things. After all, Ned was a defense-first backup catcher . Boy, if Mike Rivera really is a quality defender and he can hit anywhere near his .264 lifetime minor league batting average, he'll be a lot more expensive to bring back for 2007.