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Talkin' about James Jerry

I haven't mentioned Daron Sutton's MLB blog for some time, but he's been blogging up a storm from Spring Training.  Here are a couple of quotes he gathered regarding our young shortstop.  From Damian Miller:

"There's no question that he has leadership skills. He's the kind of guy that carries himself in a certain way. He's 22 or 23 years old and he goes about his business the right way like a guy who's been in the league for 10 years. He takes care of himself and he works hard. Last year he impressed me so much, not by his physical talents, but because of the fact that he struggled in the first half and he did not one time complain about his hitting and he did not one time take it on the field with him. It never carried over to the defensive side of the ball and that's what impressed me and shows what kind of character he has."

And from some old guy who I guess used to play for Milwaukee:

"I saw something special the few times I did see him at the high school level. Jj_hardy As far as I was concerned he looked like the best high school player in Arizona of the teams that I saw my son play against. There was something that caught my eye even early on. A lot of it is his natural ability to play the position of shortstop. He does a lot of things instinctively right and he's got a quiet leadership quality about him, which for the position of shortstop is big."

Now, if only we could find a few other promising youngsters to put alongside JJ Hardy--then the Brewers might be on to something.