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Oh, the inanity!

There were rumblings earlier this offseason (sorry, I can't find a link) that Joe Morgan's involvement with ESPN might be scaled back a bit.  Naturally, as a baseball fan and patriotic American, I was overjoyed by this.  But...calling tonight's USA/Mexico game with Jon Miller are Rick Sutcliffe (bad, but not Morgan-bad) and relative newcomer Eric Karros.

Does that mean Karros is being groomed for a major role with the network?  I hope not.  I knew I didn't like him much since the first WBC game I heard him call, but it wasn't until tonight's game that I realized the problem.

He sounds just like Tim McCarver.  He even makes McCarver-like comments: "Speaking of..." as a segue from one relevant topic to another one in the far reaches of McCarver/Karros universe.  Turns out Eric is just 38 years old, which means we could be facing decades of pain.  

Bob Uecker, Jim Powell, Daron Sutton: keep up the good work.  Please.