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This is pressure

Team Mexico's favorite Milwaukee Brewer, Jorge de la Rosa, has just come in to the game in the top of the 9th.

Save situation: Mexico's winning 2 to 1.  This, as Eric Karros pointed out, would be an EARNED save.  JDLR has to retire Griffey, Chipper, and A-Rod.  If he gets out of this, I'd say he deserves a roster spot with the Crew!

Update [2006-3-16 22:20:55 by Jeff]: On a 3-2 pitch, Griffey swings...and misses! One down.

Update [2006-3-16 22:20:55 by Jeff]: Jorge walks Chipper on four pitches. Luis Ayala will replace him and face A-Rod, who homered in his one matchup with JDLR. I suppose at-bats like Chipper's are evidence why de la Rosa isn't exactly Milwaukee's closer of the future.

Update [2006-3-16 22:31:7 by Jeff]: Holy crap. Ayala walked A-Rod, Damon came in to pinch run. David Cortes took over on the mound and on his first pitch got a double play grounder from Vernon Wells. That means the USA is out--it's Japan-Korea advancing to the semifinals.