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Happy St. Patrick's Day

In a thoroughly uncharacteristic move, I found myself at a bar on St. Patty's day eve, at the re-launch party for Baseball Digest Daily, a site run by Joe Hamrahi, who also writes for the SB Nation site Talking Chop.  I also got a chance to meet the prolific Marc Normandin, a BDD contributor who also writes for the SB Nation sites Beyond the Boxscore and Bluebird Banter.  

As I write this, the Brewers are losing to the Royals (?!?) 8-3 at the 7th inning stretch.  Sounds like Prince hit a screaming single, but in the inning I've been able to listen to, that's been the extent of the excitement.  

Update [2006-3-17 17:16:17 by Jeff]: Dennis Sarfate just pitched well--again--which gives me a reason to link to this Sarfate puff piece. You may have thought MLB had covered all the AAA pitchers by now, but there are more! This article (and the last few days' worth) have been written by Robert Falkoff, presumably subbing for regular Brewers beat writer Adam McCalvy. A correspondent at Al's Ramblings points out that even the #2 guy at is right up there with the best we've got.

Update [2006-3-17 17:34:32 by Jeff]: Daron's a funny guy. Fan just missed a foul ball, so Daron sez: "I know why that guy didn't get a souvenir. He's not festive. He's not wearing green. Anyone who's not festive doesn't deserve a souvenir." Then a bit later: "Maybe they don't make green shirts that big. That could be the problem." Ouch.