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There are meaningless spring stats

...and then there are off-the-charts, completely worthless, how-the-heck-did-anybody-think-to-track-that spring stats.  I'd say that Corey Koskie's five-game hit streak falls in the latter category.  I mean, good for Corey and all--it's impressive he's doing it without even playing full games--but...a five-game hit streak?  We don't even pay attention to those during the regular season!

Koskie's 2-run dinger and Prince Fielder's 2-for-3 were the only hitting highlights in today's 8-4 loss.  Ohka was shelled, and Sorenson, Jenkins, Lee, Gross, and Miller all sported oh-fers at the end of the day.  On the upside, both Dennis Sarfate and Justin Lehr pitched quite well, and defense turned four DPs.  Sarfate is increasingly looking like someone who's going to demand a roster spot by opening day '07 at the latest, and judging from Daron Sutton's commentary, Lehr was very sharp today, as well.

Tomorrow, Zach Jackson starts for the Crew against the San Diego Padres.  The game starts at 2:05 CT,  which is a shame, because the first WBC semifinal, Cuba versus Republica Dominicana, starts at the same time.  Three guesses which one I'll be following!  And the main event: at 9:00 CT, Korea takes on Japan for the third time in the other semifinal.  If I read the television schedule correctly, both games will be live on ESPN.  Watch them.  You won't regret it.