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Remember: the Prez who WASN'T impeached

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I don't dislike every word of the Journal-Sentinel's baseball coverage quite like Al does, but what does it say when today's camp report has this gem:

SCOREBOARD: Royals 8, Brewers 4. Brewers' record: 8-8. Today: Brewers at Padres, 2 p.m. Milwaukee LHP Zach Johnson vs. San Diego RHP Dewon Brazelton.

At least they got Dewon Brazelton right.

Drew Olson has a nice article on Brent Abernathy, who has just about zero shot of making the team, but seems like a handy guy to have in AAA.  I had forgotten he was part of the 2000 Olympic team with another member of the Crew you might have heard about.  Ahh, for the days when Team USA took on the world--and won.  

Maybe it's just my fanatical attention to newsfeeds, but it seems like between the J-S and, we've gotten a really thorough analysis of the Nashville roster this spring.  I'm not complaining, just consistently surprised.