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Afternoon reading

In the middle of the second, Cuba and the Dominican are scoreless.  Also in the second inning, the Brewers are up to a quick 1-0 lead over San Diego.  Looks like easy going for Zach JACKSON so far.  

Some items worth checking out:

  • At Al's Ramblings, Eric takes a look at Rickie Weeks' and Carlos Lee's baserunning.  It'll be interesting to watch if those two improve their ability to take the extra base this year, with a different cast of coaches to help.

  • If you head over to right now, you'll see one of the most dreadful puns in the headline: "Semi-Colon."  That's New York tabloid-worthy.  Semifinals?  Bartolo Colon?  Yeah.

  • Marc Normandin has a team preview of our neighbors to the northwest and "rivals" in Interleague play.  Don't miss his writeup on Tony Batista.  I got a preview last night before he posted it and just recently stopped laughing.

  • There's a new Brewers blog on the block: From Robin to Rickie.  I might've chosen "From Clutterbuck to Durrington," but to each their own.  Each of FRTR's two writers posted something interesting yesterday: one of the recent dearth of pitching in the system, and one on a unique trade idea.

  • And last, Daron has another installment in his Eavesdropping series.

Lots of good stuff--only a bit more than two weeks till Opening Day, and the momentum keeps building.  In the meantime, DO NOT MISS the Japan-Korea game tonight.  9:00 PM CT.  There will be a quiz at 2:00 AM.