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Allan Simpson (who?) a Brewer

Jim Powell just announced that the Brewers have signed RHP Allan Simpson to a minor league contract with an invite to Major League camp.  He pitched for Colorado in '04 and Cincinnati in '05, and he was just released by the Reds.  Here are his minor league stats, as well.  Jim says Allan lives in Appleton, though he was born in Springfield, Illinois.  I'm impressed by the brain trust on this one: I thought they might have forgotten about righties.

Sounds like Zach Jackson was sent to minor league camp--like Eveland, not a big surprise, though if he had pitched better yesterday he might have delayed the obvious.  Henderickson may be next: he's given up five runs in three innings to the White Sox in today's split squad game.  And speaking of guys probably headed to Nashville, here's a fluffy piece of optimism about catcher Mark Johnson.

Update [2006-3-19 21:43:24 by Jeff]: From

...Simpson's invitation is intended only as a meet-and-greet, according to assistant general manager Gord Ash.

"I already discussed it with him, and he knows he's going to Triple-A," Ash said. "But we want him to come in here and meet the [Major League] staff."

Unless he burns up the PCL, he's probably going into the season the #4 guy or so to get called up, behind Fernandez, maybe Hendrickson, and whoever of Lehr/Adams/Kane Davis doesn't make the roster. He was within striking distance of league-average for the Rockies in '04, so he's potentially a useful guy to have around.