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Don't worry: it's just one off day!

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At 2:05 CT this afternoon, the Brewers will take on the Cubs in Mesa.  Cappy is for us; Sean Marshall is against us.  No TV or radio, as far as I can tell, but Daron will be webcasting via  It looks like Hardy will get a start, so all eyes will be on our young shortstop.

I know what you've been thinking: you're worried that while every other fringe Major Leaguer headed to Nashville has gotten a profile from or the Journal-Sentinel, Justin Thompson hasn't.  Don't fret: now we know what Tom Haudricourt has been up to recently.  It's no longer news that Thompson's comeback has been a long and arduous one.  I was a bit surprised by this:

With few spots open on the pitching staff, Thompson is unlikely to make the Brewers' roster. Sometime soon, a joint decision will be made as to whether it makes sense for him to go to Class AAA Nashville and continue his comeback attempt.

You mean, he might not continue just because he doesn't make the team?  I hope this is just me reading too much into a buried graf, or Tom misrepresenting it a bit.  I thought it was a given that Thompson would head to Nashville and be the first or second lefty arm in reserve.

Adam McCalvy has a mailbag up at shocking stuff here, though  he does make the same observation I did about the early going:

...because of perfectly-placed off-days on April 6 and 11, manager Ned Yost could go with a four-man rotation of Doug Davis, Chris Capuano, Tomo Ohka and Dave Bush for the first two weeks before needing a fifth starter on April 17 at Houston. That could be a reasonable target date for Sheets, assuming he has no more setbacks.

And, in case you just can't get enough Brewers talk today, check out Al's Brewers preview at The Hardball Times.  Again, nothing we faithful haven't read before, but that's what March is all about--we hope nobody gets hurt too badly, and we keep saying everything optimistic that we can think, in hopes that some of it might actually come true when they start playing the games.

Update [2006-3-21 6:4:16 by Jeff]: Neither of these are new stories, but Hee Seop Choi could be headed out of LA, and the multi-talented Craig Wilson doesn't have a starting job. Wilson is the kind of guy every stathead wants on their team--and I'm no different. With Gabe Gross, Zach Sorenson, and Nelson Cruz probably in the running for that last spot, why not see what it would take to get Wilson? He could spot Jenkins and Lee in the corners...he could be Fielder's platoon caddy...he could be an emergency catcher or even a bit more. Yeah, yeah, I know, Corey Hart can do all that and play some third base too. You've got me there--I just hope Corey gets enough ABs to prove it. Choi, on the other hand, would have no place on the Brewers: his best case scenario now is finding a team that will make him the LH half of a 1B platoon. And we've got that--we've got about 80 more pounds of a LH 1B platoon than Choi will ever be.