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Happy Birthday to Brew Crew Ball!

Prompted to check by the birthday celebration at Halo's Heaven, I discovered that Brew Crew Ball was born one year ago today.  It's been a great year for the Brewers: Attanasio has made us a credible franchise, the prospects are beginning to turn into stars, and the Brewers won #81!

For laughs, go back and look at some of the early posts to see what Brewers fans were thinking at this time last year.  My favorite is this one about Turnbow.  Don't be fooled by the poll results (people have voted long after it was originally posted)--nobody knew on April 2nd who'd be closing, and certainly no one suspected T-bow would be so dominant.  

On the subject on Derrick, check out last year's John Sickels interview.  About Turnbow, he says: "He hasn't shown the ability to stay healthy longer than five minutes. I would not count on him to fill a major role."  Lucky for us he missed that one.  But John nailed it with this:  "Gallardo is ahead of Rogers as this point due to superior command. Rogers probably has a higher physical ceiling, but his walk rate was rather high in rookie ball. I think Gallardo could move very, very quickly and could be a B or B+ guy this time next year. Rogers I'm less excited about in the short term. He has a lot of command work to do."  I hope to do another Q&A with John soon.

For those of you keeping track, this is the 441st post on Brew Crew Ball, and we've recently passed 90,000 page views.  

I also want to take this opportunity to thank a couple of guys who have seriously stepped in when I went AWOL: AJ, who's quite busy these days, and especially Jacob, whose contributions have been indispensable.  And just as much: thanks to all of you for reading, for commenting, for posting diaries, and for rooting for the good guys.

I've got a lot of good stuff planned for the coming year: more interviews, some contacts within the Brewers front office, and if all goes well, the most complete Minor League split stats & situational stats you can find on the internet, updated throughout the season.  If there's anything else you'd like to see, don't hesitate to say so, in this or any other thread.  In the sidebar you'll also find my email address, so drop me a line anytime.  

And remember, if there's breaking news I haven't covered yet, or a concern that I haven't addressed (like this one today), that's what the diaries are for.  I don't think of this so much as my site as our site that I happen to facilitate.  

Go Brewers!