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Friday updates

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I have to go (great concert tonight) in about fifteen minutes, so I don't have time to write much, but if you'd like to keep up with your Brewers, here ya go:

  • Brewers are beating the D-Backs 15-5, right now in the 9th inning.  Doug pitched 4 scoreless but then gave up a three-run shot in the 5th.  In fairness to Doug, he had to wait a long time to come back out for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th innings.  The Crew put up a 4-spot in each of those innings!  I'll have more on the game later, but it's worth saying now that DOUG DAVIS GOT ON BASE TWICE!

  • Things are looking good for Gabe Gross.  Just now is his solid contact showing up in the numbers, but it sounds like he's been mashing for a couple of weeks now.  He hit another warning-track shot today.  It may be warning-track shots in AZ are routine fly balls in Milwaukee, but if his tape-measure HRs are anything to judge by, he could be a real threat off the bench (especially as the only lefty most of the time).  Oh, and the J-S is on it, too.

  • Kevin Goldstein at Baseball Prospectus (sub. req., sorry) likes Will Inman as one of ten drafted-out-of-H.S.-pitchers who might make it:
    The Good: Constantly throws strikes and gets ahead of the count. Allowed an earned run in just four of 14 appearances and had a three-game stretch in August where he allowed one hit over 12.2 shutout innings while striking out 18. The Brewers love his makeup.

    The Bad: Relatively undersized at 6-foot, his pitches can come in a bit flat, meaning the ball does not come in with the same downward plane as that of a taller pitcher. Inman struggled at times with runners on base, and needs to pitch more off his fastball.
  • From Robin to Rickie looks over Rickie's outlook.  I guess Robin's season doesn't require much prediction, though.

  • Larry Bigbie went down, so a Cardinals OF spot is up for grabs.  Not that Bigbie was going to go crazy on the NL, but whoever replaces him--Schumaker, Gall, Daubach?--will probably not be as good.  I feel bad for Bigbie, going to a new team and going down so soon, but I don't mind the implications for the good guys.

  • Here's the Doug Melvin chat transcript.  I look forward to reading this later on.

  • Here's more on Jared Fernandez, further confirming he is right in the mix for a bullpen spot, as I speculated yesterday.

I gotta go!

Countdown to Brewers Opening Day: 10 Days

Update [2006-3-24 18:25:43 by Jeff]: It's official: 16-5 Brewers. Let's have some of those in April, shall we?