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Stray notes + movie tomorrow night


John Fitzgerald, the maker of this movie about Irish baseball, e-mailed this morning to let me know about a screening in Milwaukee tomorrow night. Being 1,000 miles away, I won't be able to attend, but it looks very interesting.

Jermaine Clark, a former Major Leaguer in minor league camp, gets a nice article in his hometown paper yesterday. He's been playing with Nashville in this spring, but with both Abernathy and Sorenson headed to AAA, the second baseman will probably start the season as a backup, or in Huntsville.

John Donovan, very possibly my least favorite baseball reporter, has an article that acknowledges the Brewers' existence. Big step for him.

By the way, I didn't intend to have each paragraph so far start with a name beginning with "J", followed by a comma. But I like it.

The A's just traded Juan Cruz to the D-Backs for Brad Halsey. Cruz, you may remember, was part of the Tim Hudson trade; Halsey was part of the Randy Johnson trade. I really like this one for the A's: Cruz was a major disappointment last year, and Halsey was only a notch below league-average last year and is three years younger than Cruz. The D-Backs may have looked at Halsey as their 5th or 6th starter, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't have been the third best on the staff. He'll provide still more depth for Oakland.