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Another loss; TV game tonight!

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Tough loss yesterday afternoon as the Crew fell to Texas 4-3.  Ohka was strong, giving up two runs in five innings and K'ing six.  I don't care much for the three walks, but given Tomo is just starting to look like a M.L. pitcher again, I'll take it.  More frustratingly, Jorge de la Rosa gave up 2 runs in the 7th, effectively giving the game to the Rangers.  It was so frustrating that had to write a whole article about it.  Frustration?  JDLR?  The usual:

"The problem is that he has such immense physical talent," assistant general manager Gord Ash said during the offseason. "Unfortunately, he's not usable in tight situations because he doesn't have the command of the strike zone that he needs to have. You always give guys with that kind of talent -- especially a left-hander with that kind of talent -- the benefit of the doubt."

Some good offensive performances against Kameron Loe: Hardy, Koskie, and Gross all got two hits.  Even Moeller got a hit.  A bit of good news I didn't mention after all of this weekend's roster manipulations:  Gabe Gross is going north with the team.  Maybe that was a given all along, but I got the impression that he was fighting with Sorenson and maybe Abernathy for that last bench spot.  I'm glad Gabe turned it around--not only do I think he has the potential to be a big-time contributor, it means we have a real lefty threat on the bench, as well as another credible centerfielder.

Daily feel-good article

You were waiting for it... You knew we'd see it eventually... We couldn't start the season until Adam McCalvy wrote it... Here it is, the Jeff Cirillo fluff piece!

Game tonight on FSN

7:05 CT, Jared Fernandez versus Jeff Francis and the Rockies.  Jared is essentially taking Ben's spot in the rotation until the beginning of the season.  I'll start up an open thread in a while...I'm not sure whether I'll be around, but feel free to hang out and chat about the game.

Update [2006-3-27 15:9:47 by Jeff]: I knew I was forgetting something. Rickie Weeks may be in the lineup tonight; he certainly showed he was ready yesterday, with a single, a triple, and a walk in five trips. We may not see the exact Opening Day starting lineup tonight, but with Weeks, all of the position players should be healthy and able to play. About time!