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It's subscription only, but Nate Silver, the shining light of Baseball Prospectus, has a piece where PECOTA projects all the divisions.  In the NL Central, he's got (surprise!) the Cardinals in first...but with only 86 wins!  The Cubs come in next with 85, followed by the Brewers at 84.  However, he points out that, last year, his system projected the Cubs for 86 wins.  Nate himself said on the radio today he figures the Crew for 86 wins.  If his pessimistic Cardinals forecast is even close, this could be a much, much more interesting race than I had bargained for.

You probably read my comment on the shift in liability for drunken fans this year.  Friend of BCB Buck Rogers, GM of the very fan-friendly Brevard County Manatees, has chimed in with his take on the issue.  You know, as somebody that would actually have to deal with the consequences of such a decision!  

The game starts in about five minutes...and the season starts in five days!