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You think a CS is bad?

We've debated the merits of having Brady Clark steal bases over and over again, but a caught stealing is nothing compared to this.  Brady Clark just left today's game after rolling his ankle a bit in what Daron is calling "some soft dirt" going into second base.

Apparently he walked off the field without help, so it sounds like he's okay, but depth or no depth, that's a scary thought four days before the beginning of the season.

Update [2006-3-30 15:18:44 by Jeff]: It's a "strained ankle," Brady is day-to-day. Bill Schroeder jokes that Brady will get in early tomorrow, get himself taped up, and if Ned doesn't want to play him tomorrow, the manager will "have a fight on his hands." In the meantime, Bill Hall is playing center and sounds like he's doing a superb job of it.