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Let's go north already!

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The Crew lost again yesterday, this time 5-4 in 10 innings to the Chicago White Sox.  Doug Davis gave up three runs in five innings, including a 1st inning HR to Jim Thome that, given less ridiculous conditions, probably would've ended up in Carlos Lee's glove.  Justin Lehr pitched two scoreless, de la Rosa gave up a run in the 9th to allow the ChiSox to tie it, and Matt Wise gave up a HR to Pablo Ozuna in the 10th to lose the game.

Some nice offensive highlights, though: Brady Clark, Rickie Weeks, and Jeff Cirillo each got a pair of hits.  That's all the more impressive in Jeff's case, as he only had two PAs.  Speaking of Jeff, here's some hometown paper happytalk about our veteran bench bat.

2006 Previews:  Blez, the fearless leader of SB Nation, predicts the National League at Athletics Nation.  I don't want to say anything bad about my friend, but he picked the Astros to win, the Cards for second, the Cubs third, and Brewers fourth.  So, I best say nothing at all.  Also, here's a syndicated team preview I hadn't seen before that, frankly, isn't very good.  And may well have been written a few weeks ago.  (Either that, or it really isn't very good!)

Chatting with Daron: Daron Sutton has a new post on his MLBlog with this interesting quote from Robin Yount about switching to the outfield, something he's helping Bill Hall do now:

"Initially, if you want to know the sucked. I was not crazy about going to the outfield, but I learned to like it in time. I was put in the outfield because I was going through shoulder issues and I couldn't really throw enough to play shortstop. I wasn't a big fan, but you know Billy's an athletic guy and a talented player that can play a number of positions and play them well because he's a great athlete. The way it looks right now, that is going to be Billy's role to play a number of positions. In the National League, if you can find a guy like that, it really helps you as far as the options you now have to make different moves."

Roster moves:  At the major league level, there weren't any!  But three minor leaguers were released: Josh Habel, Brandon Gemoll, and Kade Johnson.  At one point, there was some hope Johnson would be the next Brewers starting catcher, but he slowed down as he rose through the system, and injuries finally got him last year.  Good luck to those guys finding another team to catch on with.

Gotta love Vinny Rottino:  From today's Journal-Sentinel:

And [Vinny is] easy to have fun with. Even Yost couldn't resist before a recent game when Miss Arizona threw out the ceremonial first pitch. Yost told Rottino the beauty queen specifically requested that he catch the pitch, and he did so.

After Miss Arizona made her pitch, Rottino walked out to her, presented the ball and said, "Thanks for asking for me to catch for you."

"Miss Arizona gives him this look and says, 'I didn't ask for you,'" Yost said with a laugh.

Interesting June 2 promotion:  The Brewers will wear throwback uniforms to look like the 1923 Milwaukee Bears on on Negro League Tribute day.  That's the first time Milwaukee has done anything like that.  It doesn't surprise me all too much, as Milwaukee was hardly a hotbed for Negro League baseball.  But it's nice to see them do that while a few Negro League players (Buck O'Neil, for one, will be there) are still around.

Today: It's an early game--1:05 CT--against the Angels at Tempe.  I haven't seen it printed anywhere, but I have to assume Capuano is starting.  Just Daron's webcast today, but tomorrow's game will be televised on FSN.  Four days till Opening Day!