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Now we're movin'

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Yesterday, the Brewers routed the Angels 8-1.  True, we had most of the regulars going and they had a split-squad, but it feels good nonetheless.  Vinny Rottino, Carlos Lee, Rickie Weeks, Bill Hall, and Damian Miller all collected a pair of hits, and Corey Koskie hit a three-run HR in the 5th to put the game out of reach.  Split squad or not, much of the scoring was against John Lackey, no slouch in the last week of spring.

As I mentioned when it happened, Brady had to be pulled from the game with a sprained ankle, but he'll get a scheduled day off today and should be ready for Saturday's game.  Bill Hall took over for him in center field, where I'd imagine he'll start today's game as well.

Odds 'n' ends:

Three days to Opening Day!

Update [2006-3-31 19:19:20 by Jeff]: Well, that didn't work out at all. Life intervened; I apologize for no game thread or prediction thread. More tomorrow.