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Monday news and notes

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I just finished watching the White Sox play the Rockies, and I think it's safe to say that the Rockies will score a lot of runs--and give up even more--well into the future.  I envy the prospects who come up in that system: rack up stats in thin air, then sign a big contract to go somewhere else.  Perfect!

I haven't written much (okay, anything) about the Brewers spring training games so far because...anything you could say about them is pretty pointless.  Somebody hit a home run?  Yeah, off a AAA reliever, or a rehabbing major leaguer who isn't throwing his curveball yet.  As long as everybody is staying healthy, it's just going through the motions until the last week or so.

That said, a few things worth noting:

  • Tomorrow is the first day of the WBC for the non-Asian teams.  Corey Koskie and Team Canada open up against the comically mismatched South African team in Arizona, Jorge de la Rosa and Team Mexico play Team USA, and Carlos Lee leads Panama against Puerto Rico in San Juan.  It seems a bit unfair that Team USA and PR get to play "real" home games: on March 8th, when Puerto Rico is the visiting team against the Netherlands in San Juan, something tells me there'll be a bit more of a Puerto Rican presence in the stands than a Dutch one.

  • Prince Fielder has a strained right elbow, but should be fine in a few days.  Rick Helling is also suffering an elbow malady.  While I only hope for the best for Rick, I just drafted David Bush in one of my fantasy leagues, so I wouldn't mind at all if Bush starts the year in the rotation and Helling opens as the swingman.

  • Not too much news in the couple of possible position battles, but Jason Kershner pitched well yesterday, which will help his cause.  It seems like Yost is set on having a lefty in the 'pen, and if Eveland is going to be starting, that makes Jason the frontrunner.

  • Here's a puff piece about comeback hopeful Justin Thompson, another guy who could serve as a left-handed reliever.  Nothing special in the article, except for this quote, which I think sums up what a lot of us like so much about this organization:
    This organization wants guys who are looking to revamp their careers," Thompson said. "Those are the guys who really want to play, who have been down in the dumps and want to dig themselves out of that hole. Guys like that are not going to mess around -- they're going to be serious about it. [The Brewers] have something going on with that.

  • There are a couple of new voices in the Brewers blogosphere.  Eric, a.k.a "battlekow," has joined the gang at Al's Ramblings.  One of these days, Al's going to have to rename his blog, or settle for "Al's, Robert's, Brett's, and Eric's Ramblings."  You know, truth in advertising and all that.  Also, check out Tapwerks!  There's lots of recent content--a few posts since the blog was born on Saturday, it looks like--so give it a look.  The Brewers are woefully underrepresented among baseball blogs, with only a few regular posters and a handful of--how to put this delicately?--less frequent bloggers.

  • One last thing, on an up note: if you have any interest in sabermetrics and the directions of future baseball analysis, this article at Baseball Analysts is a must read.  Rich Lederer talks with Tangotiger, Mitchel Lichtman (a consultant for the Cardinals), and Eric Van (consultant to the Red Sox).  Great stuff, thought-provoking, and it'll make you wish you had the dough to get pitch-by-pitch data from Baseball Info Solutions.  Or maybe that's just me...