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Lineup construction

I don't feel the need to revive the debate about how the Brewers lineup should be put together, but for a primer on how not to construct a lineup, try Buck Martinez's selection for Team USA today:

  • Damon, LF
  • Jeter, SS
  • Griffey, CF
  • A-Rod, 3B
  • Teixeira, DH
  • D-Lee, 1B
  • Schneider, C
  • Winn, RF
  • Utley, 2B

Of course, you can't go too far wrong with a lineup like that, but clearly, Buck is trying.  Utley 9th?  Griffey ahead of A-Rod, Tex, and Lee?  Johnny Damon, if he's going to start at all, should be in the 9-hole.