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I've been watching WBC games all day--now I'm on number 4.  It's the top of the 7th, Canada came to the plate down 4 to 3 with the heart of the order at the plate.  South Africa has no pitching depth whatsoever.  Jason Bay: double.  Justin Morneau: double.  Matt Stairs was retired.  Then...

Corey Koskie, home run!

That puts Canada up 6-4, making an incredible South Africa upset much less likely.  The HR means Koskie is 1 for 2 with two walks.  I wouldn't mind a day or two like that from Corey once the regular season starts, would you?

Update [2006-3-7 23:45:25 by Jeff]: Brewers farmhand Mike Meyers, a London, Ontario native, is now pitching for Team Canada in the bottom of the 7th. Not doing well, though: as I type this, the South Africans have scored a run and got a guy on second base--make that one out and a guy on third base. Now it's 7-5 Canada.

Update [2006-3-8 0:17:42 by Jeff]: South Africa scored 3 in the bottom of the 8th on a two-out bases-loaded double by Paul Bell. Incredible. It's tough to tell from one game, but South Africa doesn't look like it's getting crazily lucky--they're getting some breaks, but they're competitive. I don't think Mexico is much better than Canada, so South Africa might have a shot at winning two games and advancing. That is, if they get the next three outs...not easy with a bunch of guys who nobody even bothers scouting.

Update [2006-3-8 0:20:44 by Jeff]: The excitement was short-lived. Adam Stern just hit an RBI double to tie the game. Still no outs.

Update [2006-3-8 0:51:31 by Jeff]: Canada wins, 11-8. South Africa will have to save a shocking upset for another day. I'd imagine Mexico will have to take them a bit more seriously than they had planned.