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It's a good thing he didn't pitch in the WBC

Ben Sheets is...uh...less than healthy:

Starter Ben Sheets left the game with irritation in his right shoulder -- the same area which led to a season-ending injury last season. He allowed five runs on six hits in 1/3 inning.

I hope that he isn't really hurt, and he just pretended to be because he was horrified that people would think Ben Sheets could give up 5 runs in one third of an inning.  Then again, I hope he is hurt, because that's the only comforting explanation for a performance like that.

In case it isn't obvious, I want to point out that my headline is a joke.  Injuries, even minor ones like this, are a good reminder that when you throw a baseball really hard, it doesn't matter whether you're pitching against a bunch of guys getting ready for the season or against a bunch of guys who are...basically doing the same thing, but are a bit more serious about it.  

I hope Ben comes back for his next turn as scheduled, or if not, the one after that.  But it's a good time to remember that the Brewers have tons of pitching depth--even without Sheets, we may well have a league-average starting rotation.  But I hope it doesn't come to that.