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Another Koskie update

Team Mexico is dominating Team Canada--it's 9-0 in the 6th inning.  With the bases loaded and one out, Corey Koskie came up against Oliver Perez, the Pirates pitcher who just came in to relieve Esteban Loaiza.  

Perez, if he's back in '04 form, is the very definition of a "tough left-hander," and the Brewers could face him four or five times this year.  Koskie struck out, and it wasn't pretty.  This was the first time I've seen Corey at the plate against a lefty, but I'm all for having Billy play third base against Perez, Duke, Pettitte, and any other nasty LHP thrown our way.

Update [2006-3-9 22:35:30 by Jeff]: JDLR pitched the 7th for Mexico and, despite plunking Pete Orr, following the HBP with a double play and got the Canadians, three up three down. He looks sharp--sharper than Oliver Perez, though that's not saying much--and Rick Sutcliffe sounds like he has a man-crush on our lefty.

Update [2006-3-9 22:41:42 by Jeff]: JDLR = K. First out in the 8th: Justin Morneau, take a seat. I'd like to see that a few times during the regular season...

Update [2006-3-9 22:45:40 by Jeff]: A classic Brewer matchup: with two on and one out, Koskie is up against de la Rosa.

Update [2006-3-9 22:45:40 by Jeff]: Well, no drama in that. Koskie popped up to Vinny Castilla in foul territory. Yeah, Corey can take a break against lefties.

Update [2006-3-9 23:0:37 by Jeff]: Koskie just made an all-star pick at third base to end the Mexico 9th inning. He may not be able to hit a lefty, but he looks younger than 32 out there.