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Goin' Retro

On Sunday, we were treated to the first glimpse of the Brewers "new" retro uniforms. If winning is all about the clothes, we'll find out soon enough.

Also celebrating the good old days of Brewer baseball, I just wrote an article for Baseball Digest Daily about Harvey's Wallbangers, the AL-champion 1982 team. It looks like I'll be something of a regular contributor. Be sure to check that site regularly: the founder, Joe Hamrahi, is up to his neck in player interviews, with BJ Upton, Alex Gordon, and Ryan Zimmerman coming up this week, just to name a few.

Best of all, this morning he chatted with Brewers GM Doug Melvin. And, classy guy that he is, Joe invited me to participate. So, Doug answered a couple of my questions, and a good time was had by all. As long as Joe doesn't collapse under the weight of interviewing every prospect in baseball in the space of three days, he'll have that transcribed and up on the site in the few days. I'll be sure to let you know when he does.

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