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The 40-man's full: Brewers pick up Vince Perkins

Just when you think we couldn't possibly get another player from the Blue Jays organization, here you go. Last week, Toronto put AA pitcher Vince Perkins on waivers, and surprisingly, he fell far enough to get to us. (As an aside: it really wasn't very long ago that it seemed like we had first dibs--or close--on just about every waiver claim.)

Perkins is a tall righty, 24 years old, exactly a year and a day younger than I am. His minor league statistics are promising: he hasn't pitched about AA yet, but he's consistently kept his K/9 above 7. His walks (a career 4.5/9IP) are a serious concern, but that number has been steadily decreasing. I would imagine he'll be headed to Huntsville.

Perkins is a British Columbia native, which would suggest that Doug Melvin and Gord Ash are now one step closer to completing their grand plan. Now, thanks to the unofficial Team Canada, there are two members of the real Team Canada in the Brewers' organization.

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