The Most Patient Team in Baseball is...

Patience at the Plate
Yep, your Milwaukee Brewers.

Team                pitches/plate appearance
Milwaukee Brewers     4.04
Houston Astros        3.99
New York Yankees      3.97
Boston Red Sox        3.92
Washington Nationals  3.86
Cincinnati Reds       3.86
San Diego Padres      3.84
Seattle Mariners      3.83
Cleveland Indians     3.81
Chicago Cubs          3.81
Florida Marlins       3.81
Chicago White Sox     3.78
Oakland Athletics     3.78
Texas Rangers         3.78
Philadelphia Phillies 3.78
Tampa Bay Devil Rays  3.77
Pittsburgh Pirates    3.74
New York Mets         3.74
Colorado Rockies      3.72
Kansas City Royals    3.72
Atlanta Braves        3.71
Los Angeles Dodgers   3.69
St. Louis Cardinals   3.67
Arizona Diamondbacks  3.64
Baltimore Orioles     3.64
Los Angeles Angels    3.64
Detroit Tigers        3.63
Toronto Blue Jays     3.60
San Francisco Giants  3.56
Minnesota Twins       3.53

This is a good thing. Let's list all the ways.

  • You wear out the other team, the more pitches they throw, the fewer pitchers they have left to use. This is good against teams early in a series, and against division rivals.
  • You get to see all his stuff first time through. No surprises in your second at bat. You've seen everything he's got.
  • You get to the bullpen sooner. That's where you hide your less talented pitchers. The sooner you can get to the bullpen the more beachballs you get to swing at.
  • Pitch selection. It's a good indicator that the team is being selective about which pitches they choose to swing at, waiting for something to drive, or taking the walk if it's offered.

  • Who do you think is leading the team right now in pitches per plate appearance?

    Where's the Offense?
    So why are we dead last in Runs/9 at 3.78? We are getting on base at a decent clip, .334, good for tenth in the NL. Not great, but certainly not last.

    You get 1 guess.

    Here, I'll help, what's the other part of scoring runs -- besides the on base factor? That's right, the advancement factor, which is represented by slugging percentage. The Brewers as a team are slugging only .368. We are on pace for only 162 homeruns this year (quite a bit short of my predicted 220).

    Wrong Style?
    Maybe they are a little TOO patient at the plate? Trying to play a little too slap-hitter-contact-style baseball? Hey, but cheer up, we did just come through Mark Mulder, Jason Marquis and Jeff Suppan. Now let's hit some homeruns against the Mets, eh?

    Let's Go Brewers!