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4/16 Game Thread: Brewers (7-4) at Mets (8-2)

What a great game yesterday. Tomo Ohka brought his 'A' game, which is a good thing, since it would appear the only other option is his 'D minus' game. Some of the bats finally woke up, though it was a bit worrying that, even against Steve Trachsel (he of the 4.5 K/9 in recent years) the Brewers managed to amass nine strikeouts. However, you can only fret so much when your team is winning 8-2.

Funny story from the game yesterday: I was wearing a Brewers t-shirt and hat, so I got plenty of looks, both dirty and baffled, in the half hour while my friends got stuck in the parking mess. (I take the subway.) But the best reaction was from the security guy: after frisking me, he said, "okay, but you better hope you don't get attacked in there." Umm, yeah. Mets fans? I was halfway to the upper deck before I stopped laughing at that idea.

Today at 12:10 CT, it's the return of Ben Sheets! Brian Bannister goes for the Mets. He's had a fine season thus far, but I don't think anybody seriously expects him to be the savior of the rotation at Shea. Quality innings eater? Maybe. I'm headed out for the game in just a few minutes to catch some rays and see if I really am the Brewers good luck charm.

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