Greg Maddux a Brewer!

I don't know about you, but I could use something to distract me from the woeful goings-on on the field.  All hail The Chicago Sun-Times!

What could be motivating Maddux is the fear of baseball suddenly vanishing from his life. He'll make $9 million in the final season of his Cubs contract, a hefty amount for Jim Hendry or any other general manager to keep paying if Maddux has another humdrum year. There has been talk he'll slip up the interstate highway to sign with the improved Milwaukee Brewers, who have a new owner who spends bucks and a pitching coach who happens to be Mike Maddux, Greg's older brother.

Of course, it goes on to say how that wouldn't happen.  Still...A rotation of Sheets - Doug Davis - Greg Maddux - Chris Capuano - Bush/Ohka wouldn't be so bad, would it?