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4/20 Game Thread: Reds (9-6) at Brewers (8-7)

I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to type "8-7" instead of "7-8." Thank you, Cappy. It's a bit depressing to finish off a 3-6 road trip, but it may be the toughest road trip the Crew will face all year, against three of the best teams in the league, including the Cardinals in their first series in a new stadium. If you're going to go 3-6 on a road trip, this is the time to do it. And it's worth something to avoid sweeps in that time.

At Miller Park, against the Reds, the standards are a little different. Not to take anything away from what may be an improved Reds team, but I don't think I'll be happy with anything short of three wins out of this series. And looking ahead to the rest of the weekend, it may be that tonight's game in the key.

Starting for the Brewers is Tomo Ohka, coming off a very good start. For the Reds is Dave Williams, the pitcher that the Reds acquired in the offseason Sean Casey trade. (That one's working out for Cinci, eh?) Williams started the year with a quality start (and a loss) against the Pirates, and followed that up with a disastrous, 3-inning, 6-run outing against the Cardinals at Busch Stadium. He's left-handed, though certainly not as good as most of the lefties the Crew has faced so far this year.

I won't be around until the last couple innings (I'll be at this concert instead--sorry, no pipa). I wanted to post the lineups before I left, but they aren't available anywhere, and I've gotta run, so...I guess I'll have to silently root for Prince during the Stravinsky.

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