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4/23 Game Thread: Reds (11-7) at Brewers (9-9)

If the Brewers will ever--ever!--have momemtum heading into a game, it would be after a game like yesterday's. Scroll down a bit to see a couple things I posted about that incredible game.

Today ought to be a little trickier. I was looking forward to the opportunity to tee off on Eric Milton, but an injury has him scratched. Instead...we get Aaron Harang, staff ace and--in my foggy recollection, anyway--Brewer killer. We've got an ace of our own in Doug Davis, but his last couple starts haven't inspired a lot of confidence.

That doesn't mean Doug can't go out there and put up something just as good as Dave Bush did yesterday. After all, he is pitching for a contract. If Doug gives us a quality start today, we should all feel really, really good about this pitching staff.

The game starts at 1:05 are your starting lineups:

Starting Lineups
Reds Brewers
Quinton McCracken - CF Brady Clark - CF
Felipe Lopez - SS Bill Hall - SS
Rich Aurilia - 1B Geoff Jenkins - RF
Adam Dunn - LF Carlos Lee - LF
Austin Kearns - RF Prince Fielder - 1B
Edwin Encarnacion - 3B Rickie Weeks - 2B
Brandon Phillips - 2B Corey Koskie - 3B
Jason LaRue - C Damian Miller - C
Aaron Harang - P Doug Davis - P

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